These photos were all taken at the same spot, 6th Ave between 32nd and 33rd Streets, over the summer of 2008 to celebrate the incredible diversity only found in NYC. This diversity has increased since then, and challenges us to find the common ground; to see and value our differences and strengths. We can be a model for the world, now when it is critical that we work together, inclusively, to reverse climate change for all of us.
I am inspired by the great tradition of street photography in NYC. Creating a document of how we actually are at a given moment in time; not how tv, movies, advertising, big news stories, or posed images would have us appear, but simple truthful slices of the incredible lives that we pass by every day.
This is a single image; a grid of 100 small images intended to be printed as a single 24 "x 36" poster.
Clicking on the poster below to see the overview,  then clicking a second time should allow you to zoom in and explore each image.
Finding Common Ground
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